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Editorial Board Nominations

Editorial Board members are nominated by colleagues or by self-nomination and serve by invitation. To nominate someone to serve on MEDJMC's Editorial Board, please fill out the online nomination form, self-nominations are also welcome.

The initial commitment is for three years, the role of a board member would to include but not limited to the following duties:

To review submitted manuscripts as requested by the Editor-in-Chief within deadlines, solicit articles from experts in subject matter area, organise special issues on current research topics, promote MEDJMC at professional meetings and venues, submit articles for publication, nominate new board members or reviewers, to attend virtual board meetings via Internet or video conferencing, and above all to ensure that the journal will maintain its high quality.

After a nomination has been received, the Board Members will review it and assess the needs of the journal, the Board Members will determine whether to issue an invitation, to decline to issue an invitation, or to hold action on the nomination pending a board vacancy.

Online Nomination Form

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